McDonald's Special Sauce Finder

When McDonald's rolled out two new Mac sandwich sizes, the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr., Golin drove excitement online by creating 10,000 limited edition bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce—the first time the sauce has been available in a bottle in the U.S.

In addition to giveaways on Facebook Live, Instagram and Periscope, we updated the McRib Finder to show McDonald's locations participating in a one-day giveaway of sauce bottles.

Special Sauce in Special Places

Like the McRib Finder, the Special Sauce Finder used your current location to highlight the participating McDonald's restaurants nearby. A Core Data stack underneath helped make loading restaurants a breeze, while some POI clustering kept the map neat and clean.

Even Saucier Stickers

Just like the McRib, Special Sauce called for special stickers. 

The Team:

Developer/Copywriter: Zach Tarvin
Sticker Design: Kim Baird
Creative Director: Mike D'Amico