Instagram's New Messaging App

Josh Constine, writing at TechCrunch:

What if Instagram could automatically tell your Close Friends you’re 🏠 (home), 🤓(working), 🚗 (on the move), or 🛋 (chilling and might want to hang out)? That’s the idea behind Instagram’s new companion app Threads, a Close Friends-only messaging experience that opens to the camera with shortcuts for instantly sending specific people photos and videos.

So Threads is a reach at a private messaging network for close friends, that’s the better parts of Snapchat’s product but with Facebook’s privacy policies. Personally, no thank you. I’ll stick with iMessage and Find My for my Weasley Clock activities.

Facebook’s been swiping at and stealing from Snapchat for so long, I’ve got to wonder if they’re a little too obsessed with them. Just in casual use, it’s pretty clear that the flow of content, the flow of the new on social media starts on TikTok, then bleeds to Snapchat, then Instagram, then Facebook, where they, sure, gather impressions, but have basically achieved their peak velocity between platforms.