PolitiCall 1.1—The Bigliest Update

...I make no apologies for punny update descriptions or announcements.

On a serious note, the first major update to PolitiCall is now available on the App Store. It's a doozy.

Some quick headlines from this version:

  • The Favorites Tab. Find yourself calling your reps or the same reps over and over? The Favorites tab makes it easer. Plus, you're one button away from favoriting your state's senators and. your district's representative, just hit the "Find My Rep" button.
  • Automatic Updates. PolitiCall is now backed by iCloud. Going forward, when there's a change in Congress, that update will appear in PolitiCall automatically. It's almost like I should have done that from the beginning.... 😉
  • Congressional Headshots. Put a face to a name. Is it super helpful? Probably not. Does it make the app look better? Sure does.
  • Bonus Icons. Want to express your political opinion and/or just make PolitiCall fit in more on your home screen? This update includes an icon pack available through an in-app purchase. PolitiCall remains a free app, but if you want to show your support of both the app (and me, I guess), it's greatly appreciated. The first icon pack can be yours for $0.99, and you can probably expect a few more down the road.

What's Next?

With this update out the door, I'm getting started on an update for iOS 11 in the fall. Nothing to announce just yet, but I think it's gonna be pretty cool when it (drag and) drops.