Apple Sees Record-Breaking App Store Sales for the Holiday Season

$1.1 billion dollars in the two-week period ending January 3rd, smashing their own record twice in the space of just over a week.

There's no breakdown here of what's in-app purchase versus app purchase, nor is there a breakdown by category, but it just underlines the reports that iOS devices were approximately 50% of device activations on Christmas.

Perhaps most interesting? This stat included from “App Economy Jobs in the United States,” published yesterday by Dr. Michael Mandel at the Progressive Policy Institute:

Largely as a result of the App Store’s success, Apple is now responsible for creating and supporting 1.9 million jobs in the U.S. alone. Nearly three-quarters of those jobs — over 1.4 million — are attributable to the community of app creators, software engineers and entrepreneurs building apps for iOS, as well as non-IT jobs supported directly and indirectly through the app economy.