An End to Business-Speak

Starshine Roshell writing for The Week:

The problem with empty catchphrases is they not only obfuscate your message; they expose you as a linguistic lemming with nothing valuable — nothing real — to say.

Ideate, iterate, integrate. Metrics-driven, solution-oriented, results-centric. Best practices, value propositions, core competencies.

Bravo to whomever first used "over-rotate" in a sentence — but a pox on those who keep spitting it back at the screen because they can't recall how to say, "Crap, we've gone too far."

When did merchandise, whiteboard and leverage become verbs? When did we start verbing nouns? When did leverage replace utilize — and utilize replace use, for jabbering out loud?

There ought to be a sort of 10 commandments of the modern office wherein at least six of them are outright bans on a lot of these verbal fillers.

"Leverage" and "utilize" where someone means "use" is probably the worst.