"How Facebook Squashed Twitter"

Ben Thompson at Stratechery

When it comes to “the empty spaces” most people don’t want to do work, but work is exactly what Twitter required. You had to know what you were interested in, know who to follow based on those interests, and then, to top it all off, you had to pick out the parts that you were interested in from a stream of unfiltered tweets; Facebook, in contrast, did the work for you.

Thompson's analysis of where Facebook overcame Twitter is fantastic, but I found this quote to be incredibly compelling. In essence, this is what I love about Twitter far more than Facebook. I wouldn't say that I've tuned my Twitter experience to be solely things I'm interested in, but it's something that I definitely miss when I find myself staring at my timeline. 

I hesitate to lump myself in as what Thompson refers to as an "early adopter of Facebook"—it was something you joined when you went to college—but his argument about the news feed's shifts are true.   I still hate "Top Stories" and the "here's another piece of clickbait that eight high school classmates like."

Twitter, on the other hand, feels less cluttered, more relevant.