I've started dabbling in iOS development since 2009, when the first videos from Stanford's great CS193P course hit iTunes U. In 2010, while also working on getting into a graduate writing program, I started seriously studying computer science, eventually taking a course in Objective-C and iOS. Since then, I've developed several projects for my own use in both Objective-C and Swift. You can find a few publicly available apps that I've contributed to or released on my own below.

  • Candygrams. The first app I released for myself, Candygrams lets you create custom stickers based on popular holiday candy. Launching with candy hearts for Valentine's Day, I'm planning on updating this semi-regularly for more festive fun throughout the year. (Includes an iMessage app)
  • PolitiCall. PolitiCall makes it fast and easy to get in touch with your members of Congress and to share that contact info with friends. My first app to use CloudKit, it lets users sync and save their reps to all their devices. (Includes an iMessage app)

For Clients

As part of my work at Golin, I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with some great clients to help them build and release apps of their own. You can click on each one to get a more detailed overview of each project.

  • McDonald's McRib FinderThe first code I ever wrote to appear on the App Store. To help celebrate the return of the McRib, we created a fun, personal way for McRib fans to share the news that their favorite was back, while giving them a sense of where they could find it.
  • The Everlasting Wave by Xavier Omär. With Golin's Never Sleep Music client and Xavier Omär, we created an iMessage app to help listeners share Xavier's new EP, "The Everlasting Wave," over iMessage.
  • McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce Finder. Following up on our success with the McRib, 2017 saw an update to the McRib Finder for a one-of-a-kind giveaway to celebrate three new Mac sandwich sizes. That's right, we gave away the Big Mac Special Sauce in bottles.